Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mid-week hello

This week's been flying by...sorry for the delay in posting! It's Wednesday and my youngest starts school next week already. Ba! I'm not ready--and neither is she. So I guess that's where I've been...cramming in the most summer we can in these last few days.

The fair's still going on in our county and it's been rockin'. I could actually hear Rick Springfield's voice smokin' through the air last night (remember him from the 80s???). There's something about the misty night and the nearby ocean that literally buoys sounds from Seaside Park (aka the fairgrounds) and floats them over the city.

Thankfully, no heavy metal bands are scheduled ;)

In addition to summer fun, I've been working on a church newsletter, shopping for school supplies (again, blech), doin' some interviews for Sweet Waters, and seriously missing my reality show fixes--although David Cook's at the fair tonight, so that will certainly help!!!

Ah well, here's to squeezing every ounce of fun out of the summer, and more beachy days, my friends, wherever you are!

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Sue said...

I LOVED Rick Sprinfield back in the day! Sounds like a fun time out near you this summer... RS and David Cook! ;-)

I'm almost packed for my own beachy vacation soon & I have my "Chocolate" and "Truffle" delights ready to tear into in the sand!

Enjoy those last days of Summer!