Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer...don't go

Elementary Girl started school already. Already! Teen Kids start up in a week. Hello, summer? Where'd you go?'

Despite the rigors of early mornings and homework, summer's still here, and I'm not ready to let it go just yet. Admittedly, the weather's turned to the breezy, cool side here along the central coast (Global cooling perhaps?) But just a momentary blip, I'm sure. Until the calendar makes it official, I plan to enjoy the long days as much as possible.

My dad gave me an email lashing of sorts the other day because I've not been talking about the Olympics. Um, sorry 'bout that. I guess since the latest news loads up every time I log on, I figured 'nuffs been said. That and my own watching of it has been spotty (too much time hitting the beach--not)

I missed the fabulous French trouncing the other day by Phelps, but caught most of his other great races. Watched in awe last night as a super-strong Chinese gymnast wowed the crowd, and took in those graceful synchronized divers too.

The swimming events are probably my most favorite to watch--I competed for three years on my high school swim team back when (100 Free, 100 Back, and 500 Free, not that you asked). Too out of shape to swim more than a lap these days (working out, another thing on the to-do list), but it's still a thrill to watch those maniac swimmers attacking the water they way they do.

Anyway, what's been your favorite race so far?


Mrs. Sidney said...

I think this is the first year I haven't really been into the Olympics.. although I was out of town this past weekend. Last night I watched beach vollyball, that was cool.

I don't want summer to end either so I am taking tomorrow off to take my little guy to Sea World!!!

Have a great day!!

** I am going to take pictures at bookclub and I will be sure to send them to you... so far all teh ladies love the book!!

Dan Navarro said...

Don't worry about the summer getting short, Jules. Did you know that in Australia, the summers are 2 days SHORTER? Yep, February is a summer month down under.

Julie Carobini said...

I love Sea World! Wave hi to the dolphins for me will ya?

And I'm so going to Australia in February...lol