Sunday, August 10, 2008

That's SO ... Raven

Today's the last day of the Ventura County Fair at Seaside Park. Waaah! Our fair's a hit along the central coast because it's practically on the beach. When the ride lines get to long, you can get your hand stamped and actually walk over to the beach for a breather.

Went twice this time around, and don't even ask how many times Teen Kids went (I'm broke. 'nuff said). One of the nights, I accompanied a group of girlies to the Raven Symone concert. That's Raven in the pic, shaking her booty. Wasn't as much a concert as it was a dance show, but the girls loved it so what do I care? They even opened the mosh pit half way through so the girls could see the sweat on Raven's brow.

Btw, I've embraced texting--the only way I could truly communicate with Teen Daughter all the days of the fair. I mean, it's so loud you can't hear enough to talk, but whenever I needed to find her, texting was the way to go. I used to abhor the idea, until I heard Bible teacher Beth Moore talk about how she texts with some of the teens in her small group. I realized that if I wanted to keep up with the times, with my own kiddos, then I'd better join the program.

Now my kids can't get rid of me, Lol...

Ah well, the sun's out, and God is good, so I'm heading out to spend the day with family. Have a beachy day, my friends, wherever you are!


RefreshMom said...

I'm not a texting fan either, but I cheat once in a while and send a text from my computer (did you know you can do that?). If you go on your wireless provider's site, somewhere it will give the stuff that comes after the @ that you can type into an email and send a text. For example (that's not really the one for AT&T, but you get the idea). So you can be the cool mom sending texts, but you don't have to do it from your phone! (Unless, of course, you're not around your computer, and then you get to do the thumb calisthenics after all!)

Georgiana said...

Did you see College Road Trip? That featured Raven, and it was a cute movie. I'm not a fan of texting either, especially since it costs extra on our plan. You should see me when I try...I am SOOO slow!

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Refreshmom--Yeah, I've texted that way, but only if someone texts me first. Otherwise, I forget how.

And G! I cried toward the end of College Road Trip--much to elementary girl's chagrin. I started thinking about my kids leaving home, and then the next thing you know I'm blaaaaaWaaaa!

As for texting, we just got a 20 buck deal for unlimited for all--which has made it easier to do!

B. said...

I guess I need to embrace texting also. Only tried it once and I was so slow that it seemed ridiculous.

Speaking of Beth Moore, I just started one of her studies. Never done one before. I'm excited.

Brittanie said...

My Mom is always texting. Esp. my sister and me and we are 24 and 25:) It is a good way to communicate fast. I still don't like it very much. She scares us when she texts and drives.