Friday, August 01, 2008

Kara Down Under's giving away a copy of the book that started my novel writing career: Chocolate Beach. Click on over (or would it be 'under'?) and leave a comment to be entered.

Took Elementary Girl and friend to the fair today. They rode every crazy ride in sight; things that twisted them around, spun them upside down, shook them side to side. At the end of the day they decided to go on a 'baby ride' over in the kiddie section, just for old time's sake. It's one of those tea-cup style attractions that has a turnstyle in the center for participants to control.

Well, when they emerged from spinning themselves silly, they were both green. (And we're not talking the environment here, unless you consider restless stomach bile to be environmental in nature ;) They had to sit down, and recover, from the 'baby' ride. Isn't that the way...?

And no, I didn't ride any rides. But I had a nice vanilla latte, and at least a dollar in change leftover on the way out, so I've no complaints. Have a beachy weekend, my friends--wherever you are!

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B. said...

When I was in high school, waaay back when... I used to ride all those crazy rides too (The zipper, the hammer,.. spinning, flipping, churning,). Cannot do that anymore! Now I get nauseous on a car ride up the hill to Big Bear. :( What happened??