Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spread Thin

I've noticed a trend lately among my blogging buddies: Burnout. Weekly I run across blogs announcing that they're taking a break, or never coming back. Just today I learned that the Blogging Chicks Blogroll that I've been on for a couple of years is about to go dark.

Even I've had less to say lately (although hubby would probably not back me up on this...) Is it the proliferation of online communities that have spread us too thin? (Myspace, facebook, shoutlife, CCM, yadayadayada...) Have businesses caught on and blocked users? Is it the reality of what sitting too long does to a person's bum? (I'll be heading out for a walk after this, btw)

Eh. Don't know. What do you think? Have you noticed this too? What's the cure? Hm...I think the folks in this video may have found one...;) Take a min. to watch--it's worth it.


Mrs. Sidney said...

I think I might need to go for a walk!!

Jana said...

Hahahaha! That's great. I better not show it to the kids or I'll have "house badminton" going on around here, LOL!

Dionna said...

I think sometimes it's almost a fad or a contest. And people throw themselves into so much - to get the most comments or to be a popular blog or whatever - that they burn themselves out. To me, blogging is a passion. I try not to force posts or "work it" - I just do what feels good to me and I enjoy it. No intentions on quitting at this time.

RefreshMom said...

Ha! I worked in a software company that would totally have played "Office Badminton" if someone had thought of it! (And as HR Director, mine would have been the office getting pelted!)

I'm a late entrant to the blogging thing, having only been up and running since May. I held off for a long time because I knew I didn't have enough random ramblings to keep myself entertained, let alone anyone else. And if it weren't for the "else's" then I might as well stick to journaling, right?

I read an interview with one of the "big" bloggers who set out to do it for three years and figured they'd re-evaluate after that. I think there's some wisdom in that. As with any endeavor--job, ministry, hobby--there are cycles and there will usually come a time when it's time to move on. I do think it would be interesting to see if there's been a study on the average life-cycle of a blog. If you make it past the first year, how long do people really usually keep it up?

I started my blog with a pretty clear focus for myself and a loose format to follow. Sometimes it feels a little restrictive, but at the same time I think it keeps me from being so "all over the place" that I don't know what to do with it.

As far as all the other "social media" distractions, I agree with Dionna that there can be a bandwagon effect with any of them. I don't participate in most because I don't see the point for me. As circumstances change, if it appears that one of them would be a way to connect with an audience or potential clients (for my "other" vocation) I might consider it, but I definitely don't have any ambitions of seeing if I can get the biggest list of other people just looking for a list. (I might be rebelling in part due to my repressed feelings of rejection in high school and the thought that not having a big enough network is tantamount to not getting the right signatures in my yearbook or something. I don't wanna relive that!)

Alllll that to say that I think there's a life-expectancy with all of these things. If people join and participate from an intentional perspective, it can be a great thing. To join just to join (or blog just to blog), it's easy to see where it will fizzle out at some point.

Amy said...

I'm planning a blogcation at the end of the year and I will be so ready for it.

I absolutely love blogging but it's a time consuming hobby. that's why it took two and a half years for me to decide to work on building my blog. and I honestly can't see myself working on it like this for the rest of my life. ;)

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks for all the fun comments. I think that there definitely are cycles in blogging, just as there are seasons in life. Sometimes we may have a particular agenda (politics come to mind, yet not for me...) or like Dionna says it's a passion that feels right.

Hey Refreshmom--Here's to those repressed feelings from HS. I'm a member of that club! Ha!

Anne Dayton said...

I definietly worry about this, and this is why I don't do any of the extra stuff like Facebook or Twitter or anything more than the basics. I know to stay sane, I have to keep from adding things to my life, and the internet is so fun that it's easy to get into too many things. Great post.

Angi said...

For me, during the summer I am away from my desk more, vacationing with the family, running after the kids - so when they get back in school I am exhausted - and need a break!