Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not too long back, I wrote about this latest trend in my town, and that is, to TP my house. You can read about that here. So this past weekend, Teen Son gets an inkling that our little homey home just may be targeted. Again. So he goes on the defensive, setting up the garden hose just so to spray down the perpetrators, should they show up. He switched on more lights, and even considered sleeping in the garage so he could hear better (he's done this before, but no one's shown up). He decided to forego the garage, though, and just set the alarm to a nice and early 2 am.

Wasn't late enough.

About 4am-ish, a shout from the living room awoke me and I hurled my sleepy self from the bed and down the hall. There I found my hubby standing in front of our blinds-covered window, laughing his head off. Was he delirious? Did he just think of something funny?

"Look at this," he says, and splits the blinds just enough to show me that our house has more bars across it--these made of TP--than a jail cell.

Apparently hubby had heard a noise "that sounded like a toilet paper roll hitting one of our kayaks". Say what? Just how does ... never mind. So anyway, he hopped out of bed, cracked open the front door, and in a super-mean voice shouted, "Hey, Kids, Get off my lawn!" Lol...kidding. I think he said something more like, "Get outta here," and then he watched as the boys ran away "like scared jack rabbits."

While still dark, Teen Son and Dad cleaned up the mess...forks on the lawn (wha???), TP everywhere, Saran wrapped car (nice)...even an american eagle head on the fence to celebrate the holiday. If only hubby had heard that distinct sound a bit earlier...sigh.

So I'm thinkin' it's high time for a truce from all these shananigans. Besides, it's cool to be green, kids, so stop the madness and save a tree. Know what I'm sayin'?

p.s. Rumor has it, that even before the sun came up, all that stuff showed back up on the suspect's lawn. We don't know a thing...;)


Mrs. Sidney said...

That is too funny!!

Thanks for the book Julie, I'm going to start reading it soon.

Have a blessed day!!

Ronel :)

Jana said...


The last time I TP'ed someone's house I was in college. What fun!

Vader's Mom said...

hehehe... fun!