Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top 3

It's the final three tonight, signaling the wind down of this (long-winded?) show. Kinda sad, but then again, this means summer's comin' so--woohoo :) Three contestants, three hometown visits, and three songs. Should be fun!

Last night,
I lapsed into a bit of reality show binging with a looksey at both Dancing with the Stars (Kristy Yamaguchi is fabulous) and, I know I shouldn't admit this but, the finale of The Bachelor. I know, I know--that second one is so wrong in so many ways, but since I tend to include pop culture refs in my books, it was all work related. Lol...let's see if that excuse flies.

Anyhoo, teen daughter watched with me (we didn't see the rest of the season so our opinions were based soley on this one over-edited hour), and she wants me to MAKE SURE to say that SHE figured out who the handsome Brit, Matt Grant, would pick. So there you go, kiddo--the credit's all yours (does this earn me points?) Anyway, how fun to learn that Shayne, Matt's pick and new fiancee is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas. There's a blast from the past for you. Hopefully they'll be able to beat the odds...


Sarah said...

Can I just say how disappointed I was that they did not show hometown visits on Idol tonight? What was up with that? And it is sad that the season is almost over...now I must find another way to spend Tuesday evenings.
Lol, the Bachelor for research...the Bachelor of Research. That sounds like an actual degree;)
You know you're losing brain cells from watching too much reality TV when...

Julie Carobini said...

Sarah, Hmmm...maybe they're showing the hometowns tomorrow. Ya think? And I've got no brain cells left after writing all day and taking care of the fam all afternoon/night, so even reality tv is taxing...Lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! I watched AI tonight and David Cook was my fav for tonight. However, I like all three, but I think the final two should and will be both Davids. What do you think? Also, I bought "Truffles by the Sea" today and I cannot wait to start reading it! Now that I am done with college I can read for pleasure!

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Tickled Pink~I'm only voting for David Cook. There all terrific, but I think he should win too!

And so glad you're done with school--yahoo! Hope you enjoy the book!

Jana said...

I tried to vote for David Cook for three hours and never got through!

I'd love to see Kristi win DWTS, but this is the first season I have to say I'd be thrilled to see any one of them win. Kristi's the best, though.

Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance?

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I'll admit it. I watch the Bachelor too. Loved the end this season.

And Survivor. Any S. fans who have dropped along the wayside missed probably the best season EVER!.

And no matter what they say, these shows are not "reality t. v." They are game shows, pure and simple. If a game is "reality" well, then, the name fits.


Julie Carobini said...

Hey Jana, Nah, I've never seen So You Think... Not sure I can take watching even one more show! And Becky, I read your blog and you think a lot, so I guess you need some down time--ha!

Dan Navarro said...

Congratulations, Jules, for venturing into "Dancing With the Stars" land, late though it is for this season.

Kristi Yamaguchi is our favorite to win it all, and she just might be the best dancing celeb "DWTS" has ever had! Tough to beat the likes of Drew Lachey, Stacy Keibler, Apolo Ohno, and Helio Castroneves... but I fervently believe that Kristi has what it takes to, er, take the trophy.

The icing on the cake, for me, is the presence in the Final Three of hispanic soap star Cristian de la Fuente. He had a bad accident about three weeks ago and ruptured a tendon in his left arm. He was examined and treated by the medics, and they will operate as soon as the show is over (one week to go)... but Cristian himself vowed to continue, and ya know, he's not bad for a one-armed dancer. In fact, he's GREAT! What I wanted to say about him is: What a man! He goes out every Monday night and performs in pain, setting an example for the rest of us.

And of course, it is great to see a Final Three that includes two contestants named after Our Lord. Kristi and Cristian.