Sunday, May 11, 2008

All the pretty places

Had a fabulous Mom's Day with my own mom, who for some reason I've been calling her "Mamacita Figureoa" since I was like, 10. Have no idea how that got started, but it's tradition so that's how her cards are addressed. So, we met the rest of the fam in Westlake Village for brunch, then my architect brother took some of us for a tour of an amazing house he's building in Malibu. Ahhhh....the views were to die for beautiful. My kids climbed in and out of the infinity pool (empty of course) that's being built to look as if it's on the edge of the sea. The house itself is huge, with too many rooms to mention, plus a master bedroom and bath the size of my house, people.

On the way there my brother pointed out
homes of the rich and famous, and all I could think of was the sermon our pastor gave this morning on the dangers of materialism. LOL Is there some reason he chose Mother's Day for that message? Let's just believe it was a coinkydink, shall we?

For you Zoey 101 watchers, we drove home along PCH past Pepperdine University where the show is filmed. Plus it's my husband's alma mater, not to mention the place we were married (in the campus chapel that looks over the sea). After that, we stopped at La Jolla beach where there's this incredibly steep sand hill that looks much easier to climb than it actually is (trust me, my knees and I know). Hubby and I sat in the car while our kids bravely climbed the hill (sometimes on their knees). Hey, this is standard tourist fare that all who visit So Cal must attempt. Just so you know.

Tomorrow it's back to writing the next great american novel. Lol...hey, it's good to have goals. What about you? Tell me how you spent your weekend! Hope it was a good one for you :))


B. said...

Happy Mother's Day Julie. Sounds like you had fun.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

My hubby and son took me to breakfast and then we went to service about being an Almost Desperate Housewives... which we can all be sometimes.

Then we headed to Old Town for lunch and walking around.

Later that night while my hubby cleaned the house (and did a great job, too) I watched 27 Dresses and relaxed.

It was a beautiful day in San Diego and it was a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Sounds like you had a great day, too.

Dan Navarro said...

Hi Jules... Like you, we had a marvelous Mother's Day celebration. My wife and I actually began celebrating at midnight Saturday, when I gave he a new robe and a box of her favorite chocolates. (No truffles, though. Sorry.)

Sunday afternoon in Thousand Oaks was great fun, as we got to sit with our extended family members and contemplate the newest member of the clan, Enzo. No kidding, that's his name! Cute little bugger, just 4 months old. Obviously has Italian blood.