Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In the thick of it

Came back yesterday from a relaxing anniversary trip up north only to find skies filled with ash and smoke. The fires in So. California have sent their plumes northward and I can only imagine how terrible it is for those in the midst of them. We talked with one neighbor's daughter who had been evacuated. She said that she had to come all the way home to her parents' house because her friends had all been evacuated as well--and that the first 8 miles of her trip took 2.5 hours. Send some prayers heavenward when you think of it, okay? Firefighters and residents need help and comfort.


All three of my kids are on fall break this week which means I'm cowering in my bedroom...haha, kidding. Actually, it's after 9 and they're still sleeping, and isn't that the way breaks should be? Especially with skies so unhealthy from the fires, I think I'll just let them be...


Vader's Mom said...

Those fires scare me. I'm grateful I haven't had to endure anything like that. Thoughts and prayers for them all!!

The Surrendered Scribe said...

You came to mind today when I was praying about people who might be affected. I pray you and your family remain safe and protected. Believe me when I say the nation is praying and watching the news carefully out of concern for your state.