Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wish I'd had a camera...

Having a little launch shin-dig in downtown Ventura tonight. If you're in the area, see the news/events page of my website for the details.

So to work off all my excess energy in prep for tonight's launch party, hub and I walked the beach this morning. That's when we encountered a pod of dolphins feeding just offshore. Beautiful! Just wish I had a pic to share it with you here. This was the second dolphin sighting in a week, so I plan to take a camera next time. Pray I get a good shot for you.

On Monday, I'll be posting my cyber-beach hopping schedule. I hope you'll stop by for a visit. Until then...


1 comment:

holymama said...

i got my very own book back from you today!

you'll think i'm silly, but i plastered it open on the kitchen counter so that all who walked through my kitchen might see your kind words. i propped the book open with some pruning shears. nice huh?

you're 'launching' even as i write. can't wait to hear how it went!