Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rebecca LuElla Miller over at A Christian Worldview of Fiction reviewed Chocolate Beach on her blog today. It's the kind of review that makes an author want to reach through the computer screen and hug the reviewer, proclaiming, "You get it! You really get it!" Warning, there is a tiny spoiler in it, but if you're game, you can read it here.

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Becky said...

The part of the review I forgot to say was how much I enjoyed the beach descriptions and the Ventura 'n' area references. It was sooooo cool. I was wondering if I liked them so much because I was familiar with them, but then I noticed others on the blog tour commenting on how great the setting was and how they felt like they wanted to come. Hahah! You might see if Ventua's tourist bureau can use a few copies of CB!