Thursday, February 08, 2007

Say cheese

I've had my portrait taken at Gina Conroy's beach pad. Please stop and by and have a visit, won't you? Hope to meet up with you there.


On another note, the Idol tryouts are over and can I get an "Amen?" Let the voting begin already ;)


Rachel Hauck said...

Oh, I am SO jealous of you and Donny!

LOL. You know, I always wanted to see him in person, but in a weird, "God, is that you?" I've missed meeting him by like hours or a day.

I still have his records and posters!

GREAT interview, too!

I'm excited about your release/book!


singinole said...

I just went out and bought your book on my lunch break! After reading all about it for the past few days....ok, like 2 weeks.....i couldn't just wait around until i won it on someone's site. My husband will be out of town for about two weeks, so I'll have a little more spare time than usual. Then, we're going to Cancun for 4 days! So, I've got some good reading time coming up! Can't wait to get to it!

oh, and btw, thanks for introducing me to a genre of books that i think i'll really like! i had no idea that there was such a thing as "chick-lit" let alone "christian chick-lit"!

Julie Carobini said...

I've still got some Donny and Marie albums somewhere around here too, Rachel! If only I knew where my D&M dolls were...haha

And Singinole, how fun--a trip to Cancun with Chocolate Beach! Thanks much for your note, although I am kinda jealous. Haven't had a real vacation in awhile. LOL

~Virginia~ said...

Alas, I've had to wait for pay day to roll around (once a month) to go out and get your book, but I'm taking myself to the bookstore this weekend! :)

My Idol watching has been sporadic at best, but I'm eager to see the Hollywood rounds!