Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tears on tv

Emotional TV night. On American Idol, bunches of folks left Hollywood, including 1/2 of a brother/sister team and 1/2 of a best friends duo. Then on Gilmore Girls (thanks DVR...), Chris and Lorelai broke up. Not unexpected, but pretty sad. All I'm saying. (As was Paw-Paw's funeral, although that's another story.) Anyway, Lor's sobs made me choke up. They really did.



Virginia said...

Yes, God bless recording devices! I haven't seen last night's episode so I'll have to watch it at a friend's house since she has TiVo...I'll have to try and control my self crying-wise though (don't want my friend to think I'm crazy!)...when Lorelai cries, I cry! :)

Becky said...

I've been a fan of Gilmore Girls since ... oh, I don't know ... DAY ONE! But since Lorelai married Chris ... not so much. She and Luke were meant to be together. Now the writers realize their mistake and want to recapture what had been there. Nay, too late, I say. They ruined it! Ruined one of the best shows on TV.


Chaos-Jamie said...

I watched all of 4 minutes of idol and cried like a...prego.

I will be so glad when my hormones return to normal. This is getting embarrassing.