Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dreaming of the central coast ...

I wrote the Otter Bay Novels:

a) To explore ensemble casts
b) To introduce more drama and relationship struggles into my novels (you know, like real life!)
c) to take a bunch of road trips up the coast under the guise of "research ..."

Okay, so that last one was the best reason - next up, Italy! (Right, honey? :))

Anyway, a few days ago my publisher, B&H, delivered some fun news: Until Friday, the 15th - the day after Valentine's - the first two books in the series, Sweet Waters and A Shore Thing (NOT Snookie's tale) are available on Kindle and Nook for $2.99.

Consider this a summertime warm up ... three months and counting - woo!

If you're interested in loading them into your e-reader, here are some links:
Sweet Waters - Kindle
Sweet Waters - Nook
A Shore Thing - Kindle
A Shore Thing - Nook

Have a beachy week, my friends ... wherever you are ...

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