Saturday, September 22, 2012

We returned from Philly the other night after dropping off our oldest daughter at college. Miss her bunches already, but somehow this beach chick gave birth to a city girl and I know she's happy. So that helps. Moving her in was a lot different from the time we moved our son onto a serene, enclosed campus. As I mentioned, she's in the city ... with traffic ... and zero convenient parking ... and on this particular day--rain, lightning, and 45-mile an hour winds. Welcome to the east coast, right???

Anyway, hubs and I did some last minute shopping at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond that had set up on campus--brilliant marketing plan!--and found this box of duct tape, which incidentally College Girl needed to patch a hole in her dorm room wall (I know, right?). I love this photo because there's not a drab grey in the bunch. Life's too short for plain vanilla, so kudos to BBB for thinking like a college student.

Hmm ... maybe we'd all be better off to think outside the box. Have a beachy weekend my friends, wherever you are =)

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