Saturday, September 29, 2012

It tastes better than it looks ...

I tried hard to think of a good post to go with this one, but really, I've got nuthin'. We've been back from Philly for more than a week and I'm still missing College Girl. Weird that she's not here in Cali, cracking me up like usual. Changes the dynamics of the house when one of the kids leaves. Incidentally, College Boy is home more these days. He's a junior with classes two days a week, so he comes home the rest of the time. I mean, why wouldn't he stay where the fridge is (fairly) stocked and he can sleep in his own stinky bed?

Our youngest is adjusting as best she can. She's a high school freshman who's usually joined at the hip with her sister. But that's rather hard to keep up when you live on opposite coasts. Every night we pray for her sister--and thank the Good Lord for inventing texting :)

Getting back to the Philly cheesesteak in the photo, you know, I didn't actually order one of these while there (sorry the photo's upside down; Blogger hates me), but Teen Girl tried a couple of them--for comparison sake, of course. I took a couple of bites but they're really not my thing. But as my husband said, "When in Rome ..." So, yes, he had a Philly cheesesteak AND a yuengling, because it's a law or something =).

Happy weekend, friends! Here's to family and dining like the locals ...

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