Thursday, September 06, 2012

Falling for it

As I mentioned to a friend on Facebook, around here we've continued to have summer weather--except for yesterday when the air turned cool and it drizzled much of the afternoon. It was as if the weather knew the pumpkins were coming and that it should act accordingly.

Hate to admit this, but I've got my own Starbucks gold card. Yes, my name is imprinted on it and everything. Addiction at its height, I'd say. But the good thing is I've earned enough stars for a free drink, so woo hoo for that.

Today I'm wearing long sleeves (thin ones :) and heading into Sbucks for my free pumpkin latte (non-fat, of course!). Sometimes it's the little things that act like a dollop of whip cream on a long day.

Hello, fall!

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