Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AI is back

The regular Carobini viewing audience of American Idol has dwindled from five to two: young teen girl and Dad. Older teen girl moseyed in and out. I watched a bit of it tonight, but not much. I think I'll get into it when they whittle down the field to the top 12, but I can't stand the first nights of top 24. Two people (right?) will have to go - and what a bummer for them.

I watched the 17 year old boy with the Jason Castro hair wow the girls, and the guy with the punk mullet. Can't recall much else, but I've got a backache and a long day tomorrow, so maybe y'all can fill me in?

Any favorites yet? Any predictions? I'm listening!

Oh, and before I go ... not missing Simon. Are you? ;-)

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