Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back in business, show business, that is ...

Billy did not disappoint. This is the first Oscar show I've watched in its entirety in ... years. I usually start the show, but walk out when it becomes too political, too self-important, too ... cynical. Yeah, usually within the first ten minutes.

Isn't Jessica Chastain beautiful in her Alexander McQueen gown? We loved her in The Help. If you've been reading this blog awhile, you know that my oldest daughter is a budding fashion designer. She'll be off to college next year to sketch and sew late into the night, so until then, we watch red carpet-type shows whenever possible. Jessica's dress was one of her favorites, and I have to agree. But there's another reason I appreciate Jessica ... and I'll get to that in a bit.

As for the show, Billy set the perfect tone: entertainment. Loved how the crowd didn't take themselves as seriously as they have in past years, like maybe it wasn't all about them. Fewer parade waves!!!

Emma Stone was da bomb as a presenter, da bomb! Is it just me or do those presenter skits usually fizzle like a warm Perrier? Emma nailed it though because she stayed in character the whole time. Hilarious. And not to leave out her stoney-faced sidekick ... Ben Stiller was the perfect straight man to Emma's giddy first-time presenter.

Other shout outs: Cirque de Soleil, Melissa she'll-always-be-sookie-to-me McCarthy making a play for Billy, and Christopher Plummer gets the most romantic acceptance speech nod for saying that his wife, Elaine, should get the Noble Peace Prize for "coming to my rescue every day of my life." Sigh...

I was so sad that Viola Davis did not win the Best Actress award for The Help, but happy that Octavia Spencer nabbed it for her portrayal of Minnie. What really brought tears to my eyes, though, was Jessica Chastain's reaction to Octavia's win. Jessica was up for the same award, but when Octavia's name was called, Jessica's expression was of pure joy. No mistaking it. And it was refreshing ...

Up next, I must see The Artist. My dad told me it was great and he should know ~ he wrote the book on silent movies (Really; I'm not kidding; he wrote, Navarro's Silent Film Guide.) So asap, I'm going to the movies.

Popcorn, anyone?


Sue said...

Hi Julie! I enjoyed the Oscars too and I totally think Billy should just be the permanent host. No one does it like Billy!

I think Gwenyth's dress was my favorite. Loved the coat with it. Classic! What was with Angelina last night? Sticking her leg out standing funny while she sputtered out her presenting words. Strange.

I'm with you about Viola. I thought she should win although Meryl is amazing in every role she plays. She looked almost disappointed and embarrassed she won. I thought she thought Viola should win too ;-)

Love Melissa McCartney & thought she & Billy's skit was cute. All in all I enjoyed the show. I started it late though so it was nice to fast forward through some of the speeches. :-)

Have a great week & very cool for your daughter to study fashion design!

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Sue, I know what you mean about Angelina ... was that an inside joke? Was she nervous? Making a statement? Ha ... who knows. I agree re: Meryl. She's great too and I don't want to take anything away from her. Happy Monday :)