Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas NY style

Took a nearly spur of the moment trip to NYC yesterday. We've only been once previously so decided to check out The Big Apple at Christmastime. In 8 hours we ate at Europa Cafe, toured The Plaza (looking for Eloise, naturally), and waded through the crowd at Dylan's. The girls also ice skated beneath the 65+ ft. Christmas tree in Rockefeller Ctr. and my college boy ate 3 vendor dogs (aka 'dirty water dogs). We topped it off with dinner at Juniors (yes, we had the cheesecake) and a train ride back to Jersey where we'd left our rental car.

Oh! And Al Roker strolled past us, his hat-topped head down. I wanted to say, "Hey Al, it's just me, Jewel!" But then I realized it was biting cold, so i didn't take it personally ...;)

Have a beachy week, my friends ~ wherever you are ...


Sue said...

One day I'd love to see NYC @ Christmastime. I'm happy you were able to sneak away and see it. Did they have snow there?

Too funny too about running into Al. The one time we were in NYC we saw Kelly Ripa's hubby in the Starbucks we were in, waiting to get into standby seats at Regis & Kelly. He was there getting her daily Starbucks run before he head over to the studio. Super cute... and super tiny like Kelly ;-)

When do you head back to CA? I'm glad you're missing all that rain but I hope everything at home is safe!

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for the note. I hope you get out to NYC at Christmastime too. So fun. We head back next week. I miss my extended family terribly, but we're enjoying the snow and spending time with my father in law--so it's all good. And yes, I've heard that if we were home we'd need and ark. Lol