Friday, December 19, 2008

Writing on Friday--Editing

Happy Friday! Hopefully most you are playing/shopping/eating raw cookie dough, rather than working. I, on the other hand, still have edits looming over my bed head. Thankfully this doesn't keep me from gnawing on that cookie dough...

Anyway. On to writing stuff. With my new set of Otter Bay novels, I've been using techniques I had not tried before with my other books. Had a little discussion about this with another author at a Christmas party the other night put on by a local publishing house. We agreed that it's good to look for ways to improve the craft, and to not be afraid of new ideas. Feels like I'm stretching and growing--and not just because of all the noshing on decorated sugars and fats, ahem ;)

So not only has the writing process changed, but the editing journey has as well. My new editor has been emailing me several chapters at a time, and I've been going through them line by line, tightening and clarifying and falling in love with these characters all over again. It's work. It hurts my head sometimes. But in the long run, this book will better for it. Can't beat that!

So here's to the writers
striving to perfect the craft--and to everyone who sets out to do anything well. May you succeed far beyond your dreams. And may you find plenty of time to feast on sweets that show up ad nauseum this time of year :)

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