Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the shopping grinch

It was inevitable. No matter how I tried to avoid it, it was bound to happen. Yeah, the daughters and I are heading to the mall for some after-Christmas shopping.

I'm sort of the anti-chick when it comes to the shopping scene. Oh, I love to have new things...just don't like to go hunting for them (or shell out cash, uh-uh.) My first book was about a beach chick who hated shopping too--wonder where I came up with her?

So anyway, I probably could've avoided the whole mall thing today by proclaiming the truth that "I'm broke, I'm broke!" But nowadays, our Christmas booty is overflowing with gift cards, so my reasoning no longer works. Know what I mean?

How 'bout you? Do you dig the after holiday deals? Or want to ignore that they exist and head to the beach (or mountains or backyard) instead?


lynnrush said...

Oh my goodness, I'm soooo NOT a shopping person. Unless it's me wandering through Barnes and Noble...**smile** Then I'm a happy camper!!

I've never been a mall-girl. Even while growing up. I get lost too easily.

I'd rather go for a nice long road bike, or jog, or sit on my patio enjoying the warm winter air (I live in Arizona)....

Hope you had fun shopping and didn't meet too many "Grinch-like" people out there.

Happy New Year!!

Julie Carobini said...

Nah, actually, it wasn't too crowded and people seemed happy. 'Course we were at a newly remodeled mall :)

My fave part wasn't the shopping though, it was lunch!

ChristiS said...

I headed to Kohl's and Target, and they weren't too bad! Did find me some good deals!