Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas shopping--shameless promotion

So there've been some ripples of disruption in the publishing industry lately. Layoffs at Random House and Simon & Schuster, Barnes & Noble prophesying that holiday profits will be down, and Borders restructuring.

I don't get it.
Books are the most inexpensive vacation you can take (not that I'm biased or anything ;) Seriously, give someone a beach read (again, not biased...) and a box of chocolates and you've got one inexpensive gift--and one happy gal! For men I suppose a sports book and a beef stick would be the appropriate counter to this.

Then again,
I just ran across this pic of a high school senior unabashedly reading Truffles by the Sea. Looks pretty pleased about it too. Ha! So, here's where it really gets shameless... just click here and you can pick up Truffles by the Sea for the special gal (or guy!) in your life this Christmas.

As for me,
I'm hitting the online bookstores myself--no joke--because my plan to have all shopping done by Thanksgiving failed miserably! How about you?


Brittanie said...

Of course I would rather have books or book gift card rather than anything else at all anytime. :) I am still clueless what to get the people I know won't read. I am so mad at two people I work with. I bought their children B+N gift cards for their BD and they have not used them. One of them even admitted to losing it. I don't make a whole lot of money so those were from the heart. Big Sigh. Yeah for online shopping. :)

Julie Carobini said...

Brittanie! I can't believe people would lose those cards--they're like cash. Argh. If you ever give them a present again, make it something bigger than a breadbox (but cheap), Lol...