Friday, September 19, 2008

Writing on Friday--Publicity Photos

So earlier this week, I had some head shots taken for my new publisher. Let me just say, there's a reason I'm a writer. As a writer, I can work super hard--in my jammies. I don't need makeup or nice hair...or even to talk to anyone (except, of course, my characters. But that's a story for another day...) Basically, the in-studio process of smiling for the camera is way (way, way...) out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, out of more than 15 pictures, I could accept (sort of) 3. And out of those 3, I'm currently down to 1 (thanks Dad for the photoshopping! ;)

So over the weekend, I'll be doing it all again. Only this time, I'll be at my beloved beach, and I'll also be taking a kid or two to make me laugh. My pub. should be pleased to learn that they'll have a choice of more than, uh, one picture. I'll let you know how it all turns out...

On another note, Chocolate Beach made an appearance on author J. Timothy King's latest YouTube video. Cracked me up. Please take a minute to check it out here.

And have a beachy weekend my friends--wherever you are!


Mrs. Sidney said...

Good luck at the photo shoot!! I know I am way more comfortable behind the camera, too!!

Judy said...

Julie, I'm having photo shots on Monday. Good to know I'm in good company. :-) Did you keep changing your mind about what to wear???