Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Movin' Slow

So I took this holiday weekend off. Didn't go out of town, but went to dinner with friends, breakfast with family (or 'brat feast' as one daughter coined it ;), and biked, ran, and kayaked. Yeah, I'm Sarah Palin. Lol...kidding. I couldn't do all that and have my hair look so good.

Anyway, it's Tuesday in September and time to get serious. Not quite the brand-new-start feel of New Years, but doesn't the fall bring about its own 'fresh start' appeal?

Before I get too serious, though, I was tagged for a meme by J. Timothy King. Admittedly, these often make me yawn (especially reading my own--ha), but his kept my interest. So here are 7 weird and random facts about me. Feel free to scroll on down if you'd prefer. Back to serious stuff tomorrow. Maybe.

1. For 9 months, I was a phantom shopper for Taco Bell.

2. I was a ghost writer for 3 years.

3. I've had brain surgery (explains a lot, I know).

4. I went to the Donny & Marie show as a kid--and saw Bob Hope up close.

5. Team Chocolate Beach, of which I was part, participated in an outrigger race last summer.

6. My brothers are both creative types: one's an animator for major motion pictures, the other is an architect for rich folks in LA. I can draw stick figures, barely.

7. Found out I was pregnant while training for the LA Marathon, so on the day of the race, I ran three miles of event--then went and had waffles.


Georgiana said...

Oooo, I WANT to be a phantom shopper for Taco Bell! That sounds like a fantabulous job. Awesome that you trained for a marathon--you are my new hero!!!!

Brenda said...

These are very interesting and some funny. I said, "wow", out loud more than once while reading.

I found out I was pregnant while taking scuba diving lessons. Only got half way through the class and then the doctor said I should drop out. Now that I'm older, I'm kind of chicken to retake the class!

Mrs. Sidney said...

That is funny.. I was training for the Rock N Roll Marathon when I found out I was pregnant. I am hoping to one day actually do a marathon... well see :) !!

Julie Carobini said...

Yeah, girls, I ran for a long while after that--even had a double jog stroller for what seems like forever. But now my knees and arches protest. My running is more like a jog these days but I try! Thanks for writing in. Oh, and Brenda, I once watched my bro-in-law's underwater video of his scuba diving adventure and I nearly passed out from holding my breath, lol.

Dionna said...

Have you really had brain surgery?
LOVED Donny and Marie as a kid. I had their barbie dolls. :)

Julie Carobini said...

Dionna--I had those dolls too! I sure wish I knew what happened to them... And yes, I had a benign brain tumor removed in '88. Very much like actor Mark Ruffalo (I've felt a kinship with him ever since reading about his surgery; that, and I really like the movie 13 Going on 30...lol)

HolyMama! said...

what a fascinating behind the scenes peek at you!

who knew taco bell even had phantom shoppers?!

Tim King said...

I just found this thread. Dunno why I didn't see it before. Ugh.

Brain surgery? That sounds scary.

I'd love to be an animator, but I'm just not a good enough artist, either.

After a few aborted beginnings of Chocolate Beach, I decided to barrel through it. At about chapter 6, it started to hook me. I'm up to chapter 27, just after Bri has the meeting with Ty after having her hair done, and I think I'm completely hooked by now.

Interestingly enough, Chocolate Beach is about the same size as the book whose proof is right now on a plane heading for my front door. When I did a mock-up of the cover of my book, I wrapped it around Chocolate Beach to see how it would look. Hee hee. (You can see me reveal Chocolate Beach in the video I threw together to show it off.)