Monday, September 15, 2008

And the winner is...

Rebecca LuElla Miller, aka Becky Miller! Congrats! And thanks for playing everyone. Becky, I'll be getting Waiting for Daybreak out to you.

I'm peeking out my office window into beautiful California sunshine at the moment. The past few mornings have been thick with fog, so I welcome the light. Last Saturday, despite that fog, and some ripples on the water, Elementary Girl and I kayaked out in the Ventura Harbor. Both on the way out and back, we ran into a big ol' fat sea lion, and I couldn't help but think about Sweet Thing. If you read Truffles by the Sea, you know that lonely and drama-prone heroine Gaby befriends a sea lion named Sweet Thing.

Anyway, the problem was that the sea lion Elementary Girl and I kept coming across was fairly HUGE and intimidating. She lounged crossways in a rather narrow channel, making it tough not to get too close when we passed. Making it tougher was the way Elem. Girl screeched and fearfully clutched the side of my boat--how am I supposed to steer when I can only put the paddle in one side??? I just knew she was going to dump us (Elem. Girl, not the lion), but thankfully, I was wrong about that. Despite that, ahem, roadblock, our time on the water was a super fun respite after a busy week.

So fill me in. What fun stuff did you do this weekend?


Ronel said...

We took our little man to the park so he could ride his skateboard. I think it is so funny to watch him try to do tricks at 4 years old yet I just see in the future runs to the ER because of the board.

We had awesome weather in San Diego this weekend!! :)

Julie Carobini said...

Haha, Mrs. Sidney, that's cute. My son's first ER visit came when he ran down the hall so he could see his milk mustache in the mirror. Yeah, he ran into the wall and had to get some stitches for that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a sea lion? Oh my gosh. I think I'd be a little nervous. But then again, I live in the desert, don't spend much time on the water to see these kind of things.

This past weekend I did a road bike of 45 miles and worked on my third novel. Relaxing weekend, just what the doctor ordered:-)

Thanks for the post!