Sunday, April 02, 2006

Quick Diversion

Before I get into the Spa Extravaganza from last Friday (and I will, tomorrow) my daughter told me that I really should post about what a great shopper my husband is. I'm headed off to a writer's conference later this week and, OF COURSE, needed some new things. Dan accompanied me to the closest outlet mall while the kiddos stayed home working on varying stages of homework (you know, late, later and overdue). Anyway, we shopped til we dropped...actually, until my toes ached from my uncomfortable shoes. Fortunately, I bought THREE PAIRS. Can you believe it? I have three pairs of new shoes! That and three blouses, a sweater-thing and a pair of jeans. Something tells me all the Chick-lit I'm reading (and writing) is having an effect on me. Ya think?

Dan-o did pretty well himself with some new shoes and two pair of Gap pants. He's so stylish :-)

A man who shops (for and with me) is such a gem...wouldn't you agree?


Corina Bowen said...

I love it! sounds like your hubby spoils you like mine does!

Geekwif said...

That is a rare gem. My husband is a great guy, but shopping just bores him near to death.

Have fun at the conference!