Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Name Dropping, et al

Back from a nearly week long writer’s conference and, I’m exhausted, people! Who knew that creativity could be so tiring?

Anyway, I’m trying to decompress today, but my calendar won’t quite allow it. All the things I put off in prep for the conference are screaming at me for attention. Ugh.

Over the past week, I did manage to meet up with some cool up and coming writers like Sharon Hinck, Patti Hill and Camy Tang. Also got to meet Brandilyn Collins--can anyone say Wow! And hung out with my pal, historical novelist, Tricia Goyer.

SO MUCH to digest! SO MUCH to mention! SO MUCH to do! Somehow, though, I think I'll have to start with the laundry...


Damselfly said...

Just when you want to put those creative juices to work, there's ... laundry. But sometimes, brainless manual labor can be a good thing for the creative mind. I'm hip, I'm hip! Just make sure to write when your laundry's done. :)

Camy Tang said...

It was fun meeting you, too, Julie!

Sharon Hinck said...

It was SO great getting to know you! I'm already excited for your book to come out.
P.s. I'm also playing catch-up. :-)