Saturday, March 31, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Even years later, we're still fans of the Gilmore Girls here in the Carobini household. Just the other day my daughter texted me that she was having a "Paris" moment. It happened toward the end of GG's run, when Rory and her pal were getting ready to graduate from Yale, that Paris began getting acceptance letters for grad school. And she couldn't decide. Her initial excitement dimmed with each tear of an envelope as she realized she'd have to make a choice. What if she made a mistake? What if she picked the wrong school when so many had admitted her?

Oh, the angst of making choices.

Kind of where my daughter is at the moment. She's received college acceptance letters to fashion design programs all over the country ... and is having a hard time deciding. I vote for the cheapest one, but that's just me :-)

I recently edited an Amish novel that will be in stores early next year. In it, there's discussion of how an Amish bishop is chosen for each district. In one scenario, a slip of paper is inserted into a songbook, and the man who happens to open that book and find it gets the job.

Hmm. Maybe we could do something like that?

The photo above is one I found on my phone. Apparently one of my daughters took it last week as we drove across the Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Francisco - the locale of one of the college choices, this one an art-focused university. She'd be much closer to home, but it has its drawbacks too. So a pro/con list has been started.

I'll let you know how it goes ... What do you do when you have so many choices?


Sue said...

Goodness... I can't remember the last time I had such choices. I pray your daughter can hear clearly where the Lord wants her to go! Hugs xo

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, sweet Sue. The decision process keeps dragging because a couple of schools haven't sent financial aid info. No doubt she'll be deciding under the wire (by May 1). I'm planning to visit her on vacation in the fall ... would love to know where I'm going, haha.