Monday, October 03, 2011

Soar on

College Boy's having a blast working as an Ambassador for BIOLA University. He blogs, makes phone calls, gives tours - and writes the occasional ditty to advertise the school. How cool to do something you love AND earn gas money! (Mommy is thankful ...)

So anyway, you've heard of "planking"? That thing crazy kids do where they lie down like a "plank," often in weird places (say, across the tops of bathroom stalls, which is pretty gross, but apparently popular ...)

BIOLA students, however, are being encouraged to "soar." And their mascot is an eagle, so why not? There are cool photos on the school's FB page showing students "soaring," i.e., suspended in mid-air. Some are pretty funny, and you have to wonder how many takes those took.

In this video, Matt (on the right) and his friend, Seth, are singing a song Matt wrote about soaring. I'm shy and would never sing in public, but Matt inherited the hambone in our family (my dad is super hammy ...), so that explains it ;-)

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Vicki said...

WOW!! Your son is a pretty good singer, song writer and guitar player. Looks like he loves doing it too. They both did a great job!! I really like the way they connected with each other and the song!