Monday, October 31, 2011

Four states in seven days

If you're a friend on Facebook, you've probably already seen some of the photos I posted from our trip back east. My daughters and I arrived home late Saturday night after a week of travel. We flew to NYC and visited colleges, then drove through NJ to Philadelphia where we toured Drexel University. The first photo is of Independence Hall (close to wear the Liberty Bell resides). One special benefit from the timing of this trip is we were able to enjoy vibrant fall color. We don't see much of that at the beach :-)

We then drove to Northeast Pennsylvania and stopped in to see my sweet father-in-law, Geno. By that time, the weather had turned colder, drizzle had begun, and leaves had fallen. My daughters are in the second photo, strolling through weather in the low 40s. By the next day, the temp had dropped to 26 degrees! (And yes, we had a light dusting of snow).

We finished up our trip in Ohio, where the sun came back out to greet us. When we arrived home--after a 3.5 hour delay in Phoenix, of all places!--we learned that parts of the east were snowed it. Yikes.

All-in-all we toured five colleges: Marist (Poughkeepsie), Pratt (Brooklyn), FIT (NYC), Drexel (Philly), and Kent State (Kent, Ohio). Loved the trip, but so glad to be back at the beach--and to write to all of you again!

Have a beachy week, my friends ~ wherever you are ...

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