Friday, March 19, 2010

Closer to 'Shore' ...

What a delightful and heartwarming read! A Shore Thing is a beautiful book about family, friendship, love, commitment, keeping promises, faith, and hope.

Received the galley of A Shore Thing at 7:55 am. Woot ~ love the way B&H designed the pages. So far, pre-release reviews have been favorable (double woot :) Love the one above. Here's another nice one, recently posted by Carrie Padgett on her blog Chocolate, No Nuts.

By the way, this is a pic of my wily shelter pup, Charlie, the inspiration for the cover of A Shore Thing. And oh, yeah, I'm in the pic too ...

Have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are :)

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Diane Marie Shaw said...

Julie, I loved reading Chocolate Beach and Truffles by the Sea. Will probably be digging into Sweet Water next week. I look forward picking up Closer to Shore this summer.
Reading beach books is what I need right now. It is snowing, again, in Colorado Springs. Spring time in the Rockies. :)