Monday, September 02, 2013

Best weekend in a long time. Feeling better. Sun was out, as were many happy faces at the beach. We walked the sand today, Dan and I, sharing a cappuccino and watching the revelers. Somehow I'd like to carry this sense of well-being all the way through fall. And then through winter. And so on ...

Also had some time to write while lounging in a beach chair on Saturday. I've mentioned before that I've been working on a fictionalized version of happenings from my own life. (Some might say that all of my books are fictionalized versions of my own life ... ha ha ha ... so not true!)

Seriously, between my recent dramatic "episode" and my new position at a publishing house, though, I haven't had the energy (and did I mention brain cells??) to write much. But my sandy office stirred something afresh in me and I realized, again, how much I love playing with words. I may be tired, but my muse doesn't sleep apparently. (She doesn't even get circles under her eyes like I do. Darn her.)

So I will write. I may even post some chapters here, just to see how they're received. Why not? Could be fun.

Here's to a beachy fall, my friends ... wherever you are.

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