Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello again ... and a Freebie

It's EMBARRASSING how little I've written on the blog lately. I'm happy to announce, though, that my story for the upcoming Guideposts Books Christmas anthology has been written and turned in ... woo! Postcards at Christmas tells the story of how a young woman's search for a miracle brings a dying town to life. I cried at the ending! And not because I was writing a Christmas story in 80+ degree heat - haha.

I'll let you know when it shows up in stores.

On another note, it's nearly summer and time for a sale. My oldie but goodie, Chocolate Beach, is FREE on Kindle today (Friday) and Saturday. If you don't have a Kindle, but you do have an iPad or iPhone, you can download the app for free at Amazon ~ then order any Kindle book you want!

Chocolate Beach will be free on Kindle at this AMAZON LINK today and tomorrow.

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