Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My new old life

I posted a photo of my special Adirondack chair over on Facebook, but wanted to give more of the story here.

Years ago, my parents gave me two sparkling white Adirondacks that I set up at the edge of our sprawling garden. They stayed there until we moved close to the sand and had to face the fact that beach backyards are, truly, about the size of a postage stamp. But I didn't care really, because from our new home we could walk to the sea!

Within a few years, though, we found out that it's true what they say--salty sea air can be rather unkind to outside furniture (and doorknobs, and cars, and anything with metal or wood or ... you get my drift.). So eventually, both chairs rotted out and were relegated to our side yard (yes, we are one of those families that really needs to rent a garbage bin for our old stuff ...)

My parents bought me a new and pretty chair for my birthday. It's a luscious blue and has a footstool (to do pedicures on, naturally). But every time hubby or I would walk past the graveyard of Adirondack parts on the side of the house, my heart dipped a bit.

Then one day, "handy" Dan got the idea to salvage what he could and surprise me with a "new" chair. And voila...my writing chair was born. Someone asked me on FB if I get splinters sitting in it and I honestly said no, because the wood on this baby has been worn smooth.

Here's to dreaming, and stories, and bringing old dreams back to life, my friends ...

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Vader's Mom said...

What a great story!! I love that style of chair.