Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Christmas ... by the Sea

Congrats, Tim! You've won the book on Spiritual Gifts :) It'll be on its way to you this week!

It's nearly 8 pm here on the central coast. Time for me to dig back into this Christmas book I'm writing. Which brings me to a thought for you to ponder. The book I'm writing is set at Christmastime ... at the beach. No surprise there, am I right? Well, recently one of my publishers took a survey and the opinion is that Christmas books must include toasty fires (okay, check. I can do that at the beach) and pine scent (Fabreze, anyone?)

Seriously, there's this belief out there that Christmas and the beach don't go together. Tell that to the millions of snowbirds who flock to the coast in the winter! I just don't get it. As authors, we're told to avoid the same ol', same ol'. Readers want a new experience, we're told. But then sample readers tell us the opposite. Give us tradition, they say. Recycle the story I read last year, they seem to say.

But I think my readers are more enlightened than that, and so I press on. I'm writing a fun story with plenty of thoughtful candy canes to chew on. At the beach. At Christmastime. And I'm writing it with YOU in mind - the cool, laid-back beach readers I've come to know and love.

No worries - I've got your backs, my friends ;-)


Mary said...

Every year friends and I go to their timeshare at the beach between Christmas and New Year's Eve. In our area in the Mid-Atlantic it can be warm or down right freezing. One special memory was two years ago when a blizzard came through, leaving about 18" of snow and very high winds. Since this was a rarity it was a couple days before the town cleared the roads. I prefer the warmer weather when we go but this did leave something for us to reminisce about for a long time.

Denise Harmer said...

Are you kidding?! The beach is awesome anytime of the year, especially at Christmas. As you know, here on the west coast it's gorgeous and sunny almost every Christmas. I marvel each year at the blessing of hanging out outside on Christmas Day. Can't wait to read your Christmas at the beach story. :)

ShaRon Leaf said...

I lived in Huntington Beach (CA) for eight years and I absolutely loved my beachy Christmases. Twinkling star lights graced the pier and we ended the annual Christmas parade singing carols at the pier. We even had a portable ice skating rink one year! I can't wait to read you book, Julie. Write on!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks so much for your comments, you guys. Appreciate the encouragement! Received some emails, too, from those unable to post in Blogger. I'm rarin' to go, I tell you!

Have a beachy week ~ wherever you are ..