Monday, January 30, 2012

Seeing more clearly

I'm thinking about views tonight. The view from my home office is of palm trees and sky. From my other office, I can see the mountains. This photo shows the idyllic view from one of my favorite hotels.

Sometimes I'm so burdened by worries within that I forget to turn outward ... and view the stuff happening around me ~ the good and the challenging.

Like I mentioned in the post about my word for the year (intentional), that's not living. Living is consciously looking for the sparkle in the rough, it's being aware of God's presence in the midst of trials, it's finding joy in every day. Every. Day.

I'm trying. And you know what? Living intentionally is working. Life's not perfect, and it won't be until we're sitting in the sand on Heaven's beach. But in the here and now, I like what I'm beginning to see.

How about you? From where you're standing, how's it looking out there?


Sue said...

Gorgeous view Julie. Where is that taken?

Things for me are great personally, but many around me are going through terrible times which is making me "lean in" a little tighter to my Daddy who can do something for my friends!

Hugs xo

Julie Carobini said...

Sue, It's from the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa. A must stay! If you do, even a partial ocean view room is magnificent. Here's a link: