Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If you give a writer a cookie

...she'll link to you.

I've been teetering on a health kick since deciding to head out to Dallas next month for the ACFW conference. Some of the attendees have actually signed on for the weight loss challenge in anticipation. Whoa. So not going there. But still it got me thinking, so I've actually run a bit more and curtailed my obsession with hankering for all things chocolate.

Anyway, saw this ad for a free snack and I, uh, bit. Marketing at its finest, I tell you, but what do I care? They're sending me a cookie--with chocolate in it!--so I'm passing their info along. You just answer a few questions and they'll tell ya what they'll send you. For free. Here's the link.

To health...and free stuff :) Let me know what you get.


Georgiana said...

I love chocolate too! I regularly visit the weight-loss challenge. However, I haven't lost one single pound. Not. One. I've even been working out thrice weekly since June. Oh well, back to the chocolate.

Vader's Mom said...

FUN, FUN. I ran and got me one to.

Kathryn Cushman said...

I've got an oatmeal with chocolate chips on the way! Yay!!!

Chaos-Jamie said...

They seem to think their granola bar will replace my ice cream fetish. Whatever. But I'll give it a try!

I can't believe you're going THIS year, the year I'm staying home. Figures.