Sunday, February 19, 2006

Welcome to Paradise

My preteen daughter and I walked to a nearby coffeehouse and then headed west to the beach this morning. We sat together on a sandy wall, sipping coffee (hers was supposed to be decaf, but somehow the barista didn't remember...big sigh), noshing on a slice of marble cake (reduced fat variety, of course), and just talking. The sea stretched out before us like multicolored glass, and the soft lap of waves soothed away the stress of a long week. After a while, I asked my daughter if she was ready to head back home, and her answer? "No, I want to stay here and talk." Now I ask you, can it get any better than this?


Anonymous said...

nice mom

i am glad that you didn't stretch out the story

and that lady at the counter was really slow huh?

luv ya

your angie

HolyMama! said...

Y'all are so cute!
As a mom to a preteen daughter, I can just sincerely sigh and say, "No. I bet it doesn't get any better than that!" But, I'm the last one who'd know, since my kid wouldnt' ever say that!

Lauren said...

That sounds like a wonderful afternoon. I look forward to the same with my preteen daughter, once the warmth moves back into Wisconsin, except of course for the reduced fat, bleh! :)

chelle said...

Welcome to blogging!!! I found you over at HolyMama!
I can only hope that my daughter will want to "just sit and talk"!! How cool is that?!?!? You should be very proud!!

Jennifer said...

I call those Pay-Days and no, nothing gets better.

Sharyl said...

Hi Julie...That is what my most precious moments are made of with my Sammie....I love those moments. They take your breath away.

I'm so proud of you girl! Can't wait to read Chocolate Beach.


Robin said...

....when she does it as a teen! And by the sound of her so far, she will!